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Travel: We experience the wonderful sights and sounds of Lisbon, staying in the five-star luxury hotel, the Tivoli Avenida Liberdade. With its superb location, and charming, professional, and diligent staff, this hotel is more than a stay – it’s a superb experience.

For details about the Tivoli Avenida Liberdade, Lisbon, visit www.tivolihotels.com Read our travel pages.

Health and Wellbeing: Emma Brown, in-house nutritionist at Nutracheck calorie tracking UK app, offers advice on how to get your fibre fix. Read the health page

Business News: What does it takes to be a director in today’s tech workforce?   Di Rowatt, client services director at marketing automation platform, Force24, offers advice.

Features: The European women’s lobby discuss combatting sexism.

Lifestyle: Join us as we toast the winner of Ms Manchester and celebrate independent, inspiring young women.

Celebrity Chef, Rachel Green, offers up a quick healthy dish for women on the go. Read our Food & Drink page.

Our Fashion Editor, Sky Taylor, guides you through the latest gift ideas. See our Shopping Notebook.

Plus, the usual compelling mix of news, women’s issues, fashion, art and lifestyle.

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