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Travel: We travel to the picturesque tropical island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. The contrast of rich and vibrant colours and past and present cultures form a fascinating and historical tapestry of the island’s heritage. We stayed at the 5* Maritim Resort and Spa, where guests can experience a sophisticated, relaxed beach retreat amidst the charms of the local lifestyle - all with first class service and exquisite cuisine.

 For details about the Maritim Resort and Spa, Mauritius, visit www.maritim.com     Read our travel pages.

Leadership tips: Tax advisor Faye Watts offers advice on using and developing your leadership skills in positions on company boards. Read our features page.

Lifestyle: Join us as we dine at one of London’s best known vegan and vegetarian restaurants. Read our Lifestyle page.

Celebrity chef: Rosemary Shrager offers tasty food ideas for summer recipes. Read our Food and Drink page.

Thousands of women in India are being empowered to become businesswomen, using skills learned from families and turning them into business ideas. Read our News page.

Our Fashion Editor, Sky Taylor, guides you through the latest gift ideas. See our Shopping Notebook.

Plus the usual compelling mix of news, women’s  issues, fashion, art and lifestyle.

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